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Our passion for performing arts has led to long term and personal collaborations.

As professional producers, we have developed our own set of values.

Collaboration with the artist

Syv mil aims to help identify ideas that can bring out the artist's full potential, create the best experiences for the audience and comment on society. We believe that long term collaboration between the artist and the producer, provides greater understanding, better dialogue and thus great art. Mutual trust, respect, good communication and common ambitions are important factors. We are curious about people; their actions, feelings and thoughts - similarities and differences.

Bold and brave in performing arts

The performing arts field should be a progressive and exploratory field daring to explore new themes and raise its voice. Art should challenge, provoke and give new perspectives. We believe in cross-aesthetic collaborations that explore the ambient stage space. We believe that art should reflect the society we live in and that the mission of performing arts is to put into words what we humans are unable to convey or understand in any other way.

Meeting the audience

We believe in the encounter between the artist, the performance and the audience. When experiences and values ​​are exchanged, they can be raised and discussed further on a new level. We value the audience's needs and interests, and believe in the connection between the performer and the audience. We also see the audience potential in more non-traditional arenas, and aim to reach people who are not considered a regular performing arts audience and to provide equal opportunity and access to the arts.



To stay up to date, we participate in national and international festivals, professional forums, cultural policy arenas and webinars. We also continuously apply for funding to help the artists with marketing and promotion through Syv Mil. We are progessive and initiate new projects. Syv Mil in in the process of establishing a Nordic network for producers, NOPNET. This is a collaboration with PAHN, Elisabeth Carmen Gmeiner (NO), Pragma Helsinki (FI), Danscentrum Sverige (SE) and Nanna Gunnars (IS). The goal of the network is to strengthen the potential for better touring opportunities and Nordic cooperation. 

We have also initiated PRODUSENTPODDEN, a new podcast where we address new visions, thoughts and initiatives to produce and disseminate performing arts in new ways.

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