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SHIFTIT - a center for circular art production


Through SHIFTIT we work to create circular infrastructures for art production, where the aim is to make the reusing of different materials easy, cheap and efficient. The aim is to avoid that a lot of usable and valuable material ends up in landfill.


SHIFTIT is a national project with international potential owned and initiated by Syv mil AS. We have already created the digital platform a digital marked place for the art sector. Our next step is to establish a physical center in Bergen where you will be able to pick up and deliver used material for all types of art and cultural production. In addition to this, we will offer various services within consultancy and expertise in circular art production. 


Who can use SHIFTIT?

Everyone can use As of now, using is free. And it's easy! It takes less than two minutes to post something from your phone!



The culture industry produces way too much landfill! Did you know that more than 70% of new performing arts productions are thrown away every year?


We don't throw all this away because we want to, but because there are no good systems that make it easy to reuse or recycle properly. We are all obliged to do everything we can to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. We know that recycling is a simple and effective way of keeping emissions down. By reducing waste, production and the purchase of new material, emissions will also be reduced.


So our call is clear;


Don't be rubbish! SHIFTIT!


Project group: 
Tora de Zwart Rørholt, project manager

Camilla Svingen, initiative
Hjørdis Steinsvik, marketing manager

Charlotte Faaberg Johansen, producer
Plan-B Studio, Steve Price, design
Chris Grant, programming


The project si so far funded by the Arts Council Norway, Vestland County Municipality and Bergen Municipality.



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