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You know that feeling when you have worked for  months with a production and then it's all of a sudden over? You are ready to throw yourself into new projects, but what are you going to do with all the stuff? SHIFTIT is a digital platform for exchanging props, scenography, costumes, materials, technical equipment and instruments - from the entire cultural field. Things that are either used or take up valuable storage space.


The idea was developed by SYV MIL AS.


Given the climate crisis we are facing, we hope that SHIFTIT will help to develop sustainable strategies in the field of performing arts. The goal of SHIFTIT is to free up valuable storage space, reuse performing arts materials, save production costs and possibly also make tour logistics easier.

How can the platform be used?

Everyone who creates a profile has the opportunity to exchange, sell and buy items through SHIFTIT. The Copyright Act has been taken into account. Exchange and payment takes place by the donor / seller and recipient / buyer communicating directly through SHIFTIT's chat function.

The service is free and in English so that it can be used throughout Scandinavia.

The platform is available at

In the further work, SHIFTIT will search for more supporters and partners to maintain good progress. SHIFTIT will be a completely new platform in continuous development. SHIFTIT is therefore dependent on feedback from users in the field of culture.  

January 5 2022 - digital input meeting, sustainable platform
June 17 2022 - presentation of SHIFTIT during the Hedda Festival, Oslo

Oktober 2022 - testing SHIFTITs betaversjon. Do you want to test it? Click here

November 2022 - SHIFTIT and Rethink Performing Arts from Denmark arrange KLIMASALONG, Bergen

March 21 LAUNCH OF  SHIFTIT, ready to SHIFTIT via 
June 6, ZOOM WEBINAR SUPPORT "How to use SHIFTIT" - link here

Sept 7, ZOOM WEBINAR "Have you not SHIFTED yet?" - link here


Project group: 
Camilla Svingen, project manager
Tora de Zwart Rørholt, project manager from 1st of October 2022
Hjørdis Steinsvik, marketing manager
Silje Sandodden Kise, project consultant
Plan-B Studio, Steve Price, design
Chris Grant, programming


The project si so far funded by the Arts Council Norway, Vestland County Municipality and Bergen Municipality.

Click the photo below and read an interview with project leader Tora de Zwart Rørholt done by Periskop Magazine.



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