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SYV MIL was born in Bergen in 2019. We are creative producers with a passion for professional performing arts. Combined we have our backgrounds from theatre studies, literature studies, digital culture, dramaturgy, dance, acting, music, creative writing, psychology, philosophy, anthropology, and business development.

We work in all parts of the production process. As creative producers, we make things happen and see the extended potential of a project. Positioned between the creative and the practical process, we have a solid framework to contribute to transform vision to reality. We are long term thinkers who make way for financial opportunities, find partners and collaborators, and keep an overview over the main components in projects, productions, tours and events.

We have extensive experience from festival programming, logistics, administration and project development, coordination of volunteers, accounting and budgeting, various professional committees and boards, international projects and conferences/events. We work primarily with performing arts.

Syv mil collaborates with a number of performing artists and groups, who each get a dedicated creative producer as their contact person. We work in the non-commercial part of the cultural field.


Fun fact: Syv mil means «seven miles” – a reference to the seven mile boots, a magical footwear known from folk tales. The boots enable their owner to travel seven miles with one step.

+47 936 44 301

Camilla Svingen

Daily manager
Creative producer

+47 986 84 114

Hjørdis Steinsvik

Communications manager
Creative producer


+47 957 28 778

Charlotte Faaberg-Johansen

Creative producer


Ingrid Saltvik Faanes


Creative producer

Theater scholar

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