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A podcast that takes the pulse of the independent performing arts field. Intended as a reflective platform where we talk about visions, thoughts and motivation to produce and convey performing arts in new, creative ways. The corona pandemic has led to different programming beyond traditional stage rooms, less national and international tournaments, and tighter finances for both the artist and the coproducers. Our experience as producers tells us that this may be the time for a turning point, where new solutions for production and collaboration should be explored. In this podcast we invite professionals, critics, artists, organizers, theorists and producer colleagues for a conversation. We will discuss opportunities and further development in the field. But what is the biggest challenge in the independent performing arts field today? How can we best work for visibility and dissemination? And what is the attitude to think new in sustainability?

Host: Gunnbjørg Johannessen/ Syv mil AS.
Produced by Camilla Svingen and Gunnbjørg Johannessen / Syv mil AS. 

Technical Manager: Roy Bjørge. 

Start: 9 episodes from 22cd October 2021 - June 2022. 

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A presentation of the performing arts company SYV MIL: who we are, what do we do and what thoughts do we have about the performing arts field ?

Guests: Camilla Svingen, General Manager and Creative Producer in Syv mil.

Hjørdis Steinsvik, Chairman of the board and Creative Producer and Charlotte Faaberg-Johansen, DKS-coordinator and Creative Producer at Syv mil.


How does Proscen work to make visible and disseminate performing arts in the Western Norway, and what opportunities exist for established and newly established artists today?
Guest: Millan Persdotter Persson, General Manager of Proscen - Producer Unit for Performing Arts


In this episode, we talk about wool, cones and visual dramaturgy, about conscious choices and sustainable performing arts. We also talk about work processes and ecoscenography. Further in the conversation, we also hear about an exciting project - with the working title "Swap" - which is intended to inspire the entire field of performing arts to produce more climate and environmentally friendly by exchanging, selling and buying used scenic materials.
Guests: Silje Sandodden Kise, set designer, costume designer and creative artist. Also chairman of the board of Norwegian Scenographers. Camilla Svingen, general manager and creative producer in Syv mil.

4. THEATER CRITICISM (7th January 2022)

Why is theater criticism important, and what should it contain? In today's episode, we have a visiter from theater critic and associate professor, Grethe Melby. She is well acquainted with today's performing arts field, and helps to give performances a thorough, analytical look through her work. We talk about criticism, reviews, cultural journalism and the collective work process that is in the theater.

Photo: Anker Melby Larsson

Guest: Grethe Melby

5. EPISODE (7th February 2022)

In 2012, two master's students in Bergen wanted to create a supporter blog for theater. This is how Frontlosjen was created, and later the Biennale Frontlosjefestivalen. Theater scientist and research fellow, Ragnhild Gjefsen, and theater scientist and producer, Ingrid Saltvik Faanes, are a creative duo who has lot of of exiting things going on.  In this episode we find out how their friendship and artistic collaboration started. At the same time, we learn about this year's festival program and what has changed since the previous festival. We are also talking about trends in the independent performing arts field and of course about treasure chests, pinata and lodge parties (roughly in that order).

6. EPISODE (7th March 2022)

Author, playwrighter, director and theater scholar, Lene Therese Teigen, is currently working on the performance "Time without books" and she has just launched her latest book which consists of three scenic texts: Livia's Room / In another picture / Fado while we wait . Teigen made her debut as a playwrighter and director in the 90's, and the combination of research and artistic practice is central to her work. She is genuine and warmly present in everything she creates, and is happy to share her knowledge and experience. We meet Teigen for a conversation - in the attic, under the sloping roof, on the 3rd floor, at Cornerteateret in Bergen...

7. EPISODE (7th May 2022)

Produsentpodden is visiting Moster Amfi in Bømlo; originally a disused marble mine, turned into a unique outdoor scene and experience center. Here, art and culture are disseminated on historical grounds, with varied western weather included in the ticket. We talk to manager Nina Meldahl Olsen, about the advantages and disadvantages of an outdoor activity - and about a magnificent example of a newly built oven, about summer musicals, sogespel, geoparks, and enthusiasm among the locals!

8. EPISODE (7th May 2022)

9. EPISODE (7th June 2022)


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